I am business and life coach. I enable business practitioners across all levels of management to grow and develop their leadership potential through effective communication that ignites their thinking and moves them forward. In life coaching I invite you to be aware of your potential and creative thinking to move forward.

Coaching for me is forward- focussed and future orientated, positive and allows people to reach their full potential and live their life of purpose and meaning whether in a business or personal context, all within an environment that is changing rapidly and presenting unique challenges.

I have been working in the corporate environment. Have extensive experience as an entrepreneur and thrive in challenging and stimulating environments. 

Key elements of my portfolio include effective communication strategies. Through using the methodologies of coaching including elements of logotherapy (Freedom of will, Will to meaning). I also incorporate  The Time To Think Environment as we work towards our best and most creative thinking.

Your life, your goals, your potential.

Time To Think Environment

What would happen if you and your organisation developed an environment where people can do their best thinking? The Time to Think environment believes that the first act of leadership is to create and maintain a Thinking Environment. 

An environment that allows for your best creative thinking. A place of no interruption. An environment where everyone’s ability to think for themselves is applied and celebrated (Nancy Kline). 


Fluid Innovations presents workshops on the following:

1). The Time to Think Environment™

This  workshop is based on the work of Nancy Kline. Participants will learn and practice every Building Block application of the Thinking Environment. There is much time given to developing each one’s listening capability as an essential tool. Time To Think™ offers a dynamic and dependable framework within which all team members can enhance their relationships with each other through communication of exceptional quality. The tools learned have immediate application for team members to use with their clients and within their organisations.

Components of the Thinking Environment

      Building blocks of a Thinking Environment


     Transforming meetings®

This workshop is offered as a group or ono on one face to face or virtually.  

2. Customer Service

Transforming Customer Service is a 1 day interactive workshop designed to allow delegates the opportunity to take responsibility and offers the reason behind why we do what we do.

3. Presentation Skills

Knowing how to achieve your goal through presentations and get the results that you want.

Using various frameworks to empower you to get the best out of your presentations.

Simple is often more effective.

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Contact us at for consulting services regarding:

1). How to Transform your meetings and achieve the best possible outcome.

2). Customer Service. Creating your unique selling proposition.

3). Creating the ultimate customer experience. Yes, people buy your product and your service, but the experience that you offer them is what keeps them coming back for more.