Human Nature…A Thought!

One of the most profound books that I have had the privilege of reading has no doubt been Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl. This particular book was part of my reading as I embarked on my logotherapy journey and has had a phenomenal impact in and on my life.

One of the questions that the book raises is “How do you understand Human nature – what is it like?”

What follows are my personal thoughts shared:

In the words of Frankl where he himself describes human nature with the words the decent and the indecent man. That describes my understanding of human nature. We have the decent and the indecent man, however I do believe that the human being has the propensity to be both decent and indecent all in the same body and same life. It all depends which part we are embracing and to what purpose – this being applicable I would like to add that this is based on the level of spiritual evolvement of the human concerned. We are as human beings capable of the most shocking atrocities yet we are capable of the most amazing love and compassion.  Human nature has both an animal instinct to survive and within us, an existential drive to survive. I believe that this speaks to awareness, presence and mindfulness.

Listening… An Act of Love!

To be in the Thinking Environment as described by Nancy Kline, Founder of the Thinking Environment and Time To Think® is to be able to listen. Listen with profound attention, ease and respect among other things. To be truly listened to without interruption is supreme. Being listened to like this results in creative thinking, it ignites thinking.  How often do we just not listen. How much of our strife in our lives is as a result of us not listening to each other. To describe listening like this I feel compelled to share a poem by John Fox, for me, this is the  essence of what it feels like to be truly listened to.


When someone deeply listens to you

  It is like holding out a dented cup

  You’ve had since childhood

  And watching it fill up with

  Cold, fresh water.

  When it balances on top of the brim,

  You are understood.

  When it overflows and touches your skin,

  You are loved.

  When someone deeply listens to you

  The room where you stay

  Starts a new life

  And the place where you wrote

  your first poem

  begins to glow in your mind’s eye.

  It is as if gold has been discovered!

  When someone deeply listens to you

  Your bare feet are on the earth

  And a beloved land that seemed distant

  Is now at home within you.

John Fox

Journaling As a Tool For Growth and Discovery

I often share the benefits of journaling in my coaching practice. Often this is met with a blank stare. When I question the stare, many state that they know what it is but are not sure how to do this journaling thing. Sadly, many then avoid an activity that can have a profound influence on thinking, processing of events, thoughts, feelings and experiences. Most people I have discovered do not know how to do it. Often citing reasons and excuses such as how do I do this? My question to them is “Can you write?” Yes! Well then, write. There is no set script, no formulae, no right or wrong. Journaling is all about you! It is what you want to write about and often when we start writing and we just go with the flow and see where it goes.

My experience has been that it often helps to set a specific time aside in the day. For me I prefer the last hour before I end my day. Others have shared that early mornings work best. Again, do what works best for you in your particular circumstances.

What do you write about? That is your choice. Often I ask myself a question that is stuck in my head. I cannot seem to get to an answer, and then I write about it. The fun part, you don’t have to be concerned about what you write, how you write, does it make sense, none of this matters, because this is all about you and nobody else.  Some people draw flowcharts, use colours, paste in tickets of shows attended, postcards, photo’s, others just write.

As you start the process, you develop it, you tweak it, and you do what works for you. I may spend an entire session just writing about what worked well today and what I did to make that happen? What can I do differently tomorrow considering what happened today? Journaling is that awesome opportunity to write about yourself on a level that you feel allows your self- awareness to start growing.  I have to mention that if I skip a day, I have no guilt, however I find the process so encouraging and motivating for me that I cannot wait to get back to my journal. It is like having a chat to a beautiful friend who is there to help you become the best version of yourself.

Journaling is what you make it out to be – What is your intention when you start journaling?

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